Not only is Wade Patrick softspoken, he’s a man of his word. After an ambulance accident led to several health issues, this decorated firefighter and EMT vowed to get back to work to support his family. Now a part-time bus driver, he always makes time for his preferred career: grandfather.


Selfless. Genuine. Warm. Brenda Patrick is all three, and then some. Knock on her door, and the next thing you know you’re in her kitchen, chatting things up over a slice of freshly baked pie. And don’t even think about getting up and leaving without a hug.



As a mom, music teacher and professional photographer, Kristen has a lot to focus on. Yet somehow she finds time to keep everyone in the family connected. So no matter what kind of distance is between them, they all stay incredibly close to each other.


Spend a few minutes with Kerri and you can’t help but smile. Conversations with her are always entertaining and refreshingly honest, especially when it comes to her family, her job or her favorite pro ice hockey team—all three of which instantly bring a smile to her face, as well.



After graduating from college with degrees in Psychology & Molecular Genetics, Kevin Patrick decided to join the Army and jump out of planes for a living. It’s not your typical career path, but after recently helping his 82nd Airborne Division win gold at the Exercise Cambian Patrol competition held in Wales, his life is on an impressive trajectory.


Don’t let Koda’s soft, fluffy exterior, and penchant for staring longingly into your eyes fool you. This Bichon Frise has it all figured out. He craves constant attention, barks at anything that moves and is pretty high maintenance…in his own pretty way, of course.


See how we brought the Patrick family together for the holidays.